Last One For The Forties!

How else would you want to spend the day before your Birthday but in the turkey woods and that’s just what we did. I had an Iowa Turkey tag; I was tagged out in Missouri so Mark said it’s time to go!

So we packed up on that Sunday and headed to Marks Missouri farm in hopes of roosting a bird for the next morning hunt. Just as we crossed the state line Mark said he had a secret spot where he had located birds earlier in the season and boy was he right, not only was there one bird, but four to five loud mouths that were screaming their heads off at 8:30p.m. As Mark ripped on the coyote howler.

Well the game plan was set we knew what block of timber they were in, just what field they would fly to. We were set up in good time the next morning with me packing the Thompson Center 20 gauge and Mark behind the camera, but as any Turkey Hunter knows, when it comes to a roosted birds sometimes they just don’t read the scrip.

Anyway we had a close encounter with one of the birds but with the camera footage not being want we wanted, the bird will live another day! So we were off and running in the great state of Iowa striking several farms without luck. Mark said don’t worry, I have another secret spot and he told me, that earlier in the season he had a encounter with two long beards that would not commit to crossing a creek into a cut corn field it which they were set up.

As we stepped from the truck Mark pointed to the location where the birds were at the last time he worked them and with a series of calls you guessed it they both screamed their heads off. So now we were in the game! We headed to the last spot that Mark had worked the birds but we got just a little closer and boy did they commit. They came within 60 yards strutting and gobbling but again they would not come to our side of the creek.

So as the birds faded away Mark decided it was time to get ahead them and get to where they wanted to go and he knew the spot. So after we crossed the creek and climbed a hill we were just above the gobbling birds. Mark began working the birds and boy did they respond but they just would not break the hog back. We set up on the birds four to five times just knowing they were just over the hill crest.

At that time we both started working the birds from slate calls, to a box call, and then back to mouth calls but still they would not move off that pretty little point that they called home.

Just as we were about to give up we started soft calling as we began walking down the hill and that’s all it took when the bird sounded off we knew he was on his way. As we scrambled to get set up we could hear the bird closing in fast and no more then we got into position I saw his majestic fan come over the hill. To say the least we milked the footage and as the bird strutted into 17 steps, he would be the last bird that I would harvest as a forty year old. So not only was he my last bird, but he was my first turkey that I have ever shot with a twenty gauge! P.S. this hunt took only 2 ½ hours, thank goodness Iowa is a state you can hunt all day in. So make sure you catch Long Beard Madness 16 for this awesome hunt!