After a fantastic start to turkey season this year things seem to slow way down as the season progressed, the first two days were great as I filmed my daughter Ashley and wife Melissa harvest two great gobblers.

Then I grabbed the PSE and it was my turn!  I got close a couple of times the first week and then the weather turned bad and I had a lot going on in the days/weeks since.  I was opening a 3-D archery range and we were working on the building every night trying to get it ready to go so I did not get to do my usual evening scouting to find a bird for the next morning.  So I just took a chance they would be in my regular spots and they were not!

Good friend Charlie Wootton invited me to his farm and I had several encounters and a couple of misses YES a couple of MISSES...then before you know it the last weekend is here and bad windy weather rolled in for Saturdays hunt.  I took my bow and Melissa’s TC Encore just in case he was out there a little too far for the bow (at least I will be able to get even if need be).  Sure enough we had a gobbler come in about 40 yards and this time I didn’t have to watch him walk away because I had the TC which stands for Turkey Control and I let him have it and finally got a bird for the season and still had time to run the 3-D shoot for the day.

It was a great day in the timber for sure! 


Louie Payne