September 10: Jeff Lindsey

It has always been a dream of mine and my Dad’s to kill a big bull elk with my bow. We had been on 3 trips together, I shot a nice bull with a rifle 8 years ago and had been on 2 previous archery hunts to New Mexico but we both came home empty handed. My buddy Glenn Garner had convinced me and my Dad to join him and Jeff Foxworthy at the Double H Ranch this September to catch the 2nd week of the New Mexico archery season. The bulls were sure to be screaming the middle of September getting ready to rut hard.

We arrived at the Double H base camp on Friday and pulled out our PSEs and made sure they were dialed in on their 3D course. After checking the bows we headed out with my guide Josh to scout for the next mornings hunt. We saw several elk that evening but not what we were looking for so we decided to head for the area they called the “farm” the next morning. When enough light was on the prairie to see clearly, I could not believe my eyes! I had never seen such a sight! There were 2 extremely large herds of elk with several shooter bulls mixed in. As we watched them split off and head up the mountains we picked out a shooter and came up with a game plan to cut him off, but the wind wasn’t cooperating. I quickly realized the boys at the Double H hunted their elk much like we hunt our whitetails, very carefully and it showed by the calm behavior of their animals. After some cat and mouse and coming within about 150 yards of the bull we were after we backed out and formulated a game plan for the evening’s hunt. We headed to sit on a water hole where a lot of the elk left from that morning but once again the wind started swirling on us so we headed for the mountains to try and spot one to call in.

It didn’t take long for us to find a bull, we spotted a nice one bedded down under a cedar and decided to move around on him to get a better look. After a few minutes of watching him, he stood up and raked a tree for over a hour, we could tell he had good fronts but not much else. Without a clear view of his antlers we decided to call him in and get some footage and Josh was going to say yay or nay if he was a shooter when we could see him good. Josh backed up behind me and Lil Jon about 50 yards and gave a cow call. He immediately responded with a bugle and made a beeline for Josh bugling all the way in. Josh gave us the green light and when he got to 27 yards my new PSE AXE got it’s first taste of blood and my first elk with a bow ran 150 yards and fell over. We were so pumped and amazed it happened so fast on the first day and believe me there is nothing like a big bull elk bugling right in front of you! When we got to the bull he was a clean 6x6 but something didn’t look right, he had broken off 11 inches on 2 of his fronts! After the shot he smacked a cedar so hard he shattered 2 points into 5 pieces. Luckily we found all the pieces and put this bull back together again.

The week only got better as our whole group of 4 all shot giant bulls by day 3 including my dad’s massive bull but their wasn’t enough camera light for the kill. This had never happened at the Double H and may never again, many thanks to good Lord, Tony, Josh, The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the boys at the Double H ranch for one incredible week and all they do for the animals that call the Double H home.