September 10: Dave Reisner

Well the 2010 hunting season is officially underway! Dave and I were extremely fortunate to be invited by our good friend Ben Maki who is the Vice President of Marketing for Mossy Oak to hunt with him during the
early season in Kentucky. We would also be joined in camp by another good friend of ours from Mossy Oak Dustin "Shed" Whitacre. We knew that we would have a blast in camp and based on the pictures of mature deer
that Ben had been sending us, I felt pretty confident we could get a big buck on the ground. This would be our first time to ever hunt in Kentucky so Dave and I were both very excited.

Well to make a long story short we saw mature deer during every sit but we could not close the deal the first few days of our hunt. It seems like lately the only luck I have is bad luck and I hope that changes sometime soon! That said finally on the last night of our hunt Dave was up to bat and we had the perfect wind for a stand that was red hot according to the Reconyx camera there were no less than 6 shooter bucks coming by the stand during daylight hours.

The first few hours of the hunt started out slow but then during the last hour of light things picked up quickly. I told Dave that I could hear deer walking in the leaves directly behind our stand and when I looked behind the tree there were 3 shooter bucks and a spike buck headed right at us. Dave and I are still not sure what happened but somehow as I was just turning on the camera one of the bucks picked us off and when he wheeled and ran so did the rest of the group. We were rock bottom.

Despite Ben's best efforts and the fact that he had put us on big deer everyday we could not get one in bow range. As we were sitting there feeling sorry for ourselves with daylight fading fast I looked up and hrough the leaves in our tree I was shocked to see a mature buck feeding in the alf alfa. Well there were some tense moments and I was fighting to get the camera in focus through the leaves in the tree with the low light conditions. Just then I heard Dave's PSE Omen go off and his Lumenok lit up the September sky as his carbon force Bow Madness arrow hit the deer a little high and dropped him where he stood. After a quick follow up shot Dave's first Kentucky buck was on the ground.

When Ben picked us up at the tree it was all smiles and high fives as we finally accomplished our mission. I can honestly say that this hunt was one of the most enjoyable whitetail hunts I have ever been on. I was lso amazed at the age structure and quantity of mature deer on the farms we hunted in Kentucky. A huge thank you goes out to Ben for hosting Dave and me on this hunt!! Ben, Shed, Austin, and Tony had also done their homework and put in the hard work to make sure we had a great hunt so thank you guys! We are already looking forward to the Kentucky opener next year to do it all over again and hopefully by then my luck will have changed for the better!

This is a two part story in that Ben will be joining us in January in Iowa for a late season muzzleloader hunt so stay tuned to the DOD Journal to see how his hunt goes. We are hoping to put him on an Iowa giant!