Good friend, Ed Presley and I decided to do a September whitetail hunt this year. After plans for a trip to ND fell through we decided to try our luck at Kentucky. I booked a self guided hunt for mid September. I made a trip down a few days early to scout, set some Big Game stands and put out a few Reconyx cameras.

Ed hunted and I videoed from an observation stand on Sat evening and saw a lot of deer including a few shooters in a standing bean field. We skipped Sunday mornings hunt. On Sunday, we made a move based on what we saw on Saturdays hunt and Ed had a real nice narrow 7X6 buck at 80 yards but couldn’t get him any closer.

We primarily hunt evenings only in the early season for fear of bumping deer off their patterns so we skipped Monday morning’s hunt and I was in the drivers seat on Monday afternoon. Action was slow so we decided to check a few Reconyx cameras in the dark after the hunt. Sure enough, we had this neat narrow 7x6 buck on 3 of the cameras. We put the pieces together and decided he was using an old roadbed to go to bed nearly every morning.

We slipped into a stand I hung nearly a week earlier on Tuesday morning. I was still up to hunt and Ed gave me the “we got enough light” talk. 30 seconds later he said ”Here he comes”. Sure enough the buck was walking the old road bed toward a mock scrape I had set up a week ago. I only had a few openings to shoot through. Stopped him with a grunt and dropped him in his tracks.

What a neat buck with a narrow 7x6 rack and tons of character. My first KY whitetail and a great way to start the season. The Rage and the PSE put him down but we would have never hunted this area if it weren’t for the Reconyx cameras helping us pattern him. I have become more and more reliant on the Reconyx cameras for putting us and my clients on big deer every year.