Jeff stopped by Terry Drury's farm where I work on a day in early August. Jeff and I are old friends from the turkey calling days of the eighty's. Jeff's son Chris had taken a new job and was unable to get off work to film his elk hunt. He ask if I wanted to go along and film. I immediately told him “yes”.

I was a little concerned about being able to keep up with Jeff chasing the elk in the mountains. He assured me I would be fine. Jeff's inseam is 36” and mine is 29”. That means every 6 steps Jeff gained at least a step on me. He was good not to go so fast I couldn't keep up. (I had turned 62 in June.)

We hunted hard the first three days of the season. The bulls would bugle at night and then bed up with their cows early each morning. Calling the elk was tough. Each evening we would sit a wallow. Jeff said that had proved successful in the past. We heard some bulls each evening but were unable to call one in. We had several bull encounters. On the fourth morning, we hunted a new area. This drainage was simply beautiful. While we were working up this drainage, we had a bull coming to the call but he got our wind. We continued to work up the drainage until we came onto a huge wallow. Jeff said this area was like magic. Literally five minutes later we had a bull on the ground. While looking at and filming the wallow a bull bugled up the drainage. We got set up and Jeff gave a couple of cow calls. The bull bugled and was cutting distance. I saw the bull coming down the drainage. A mature bull elk is HUGE! He looked like a horse with horns. I was able to film him for 100 yards before he came in broadside to 30 yards. Jeff cow called and the bull stopped, turned his head and looked at us. Jeff made a perfect shot with his PSE Axe 7 and Rage broadheads. He double lunged the bull. The bull made it 75 yards before we heard him go down. We gave him some time and then walked right to him. The bull read the script. He couldn't have came in better for filming.

If I never kill an elk, I had an unbelievable elk hunting experience. Just watching Jeff work the bulls
was unbelievable. Jeff is a master elk hunter with a bow. This hunt was totally self guided. We camped in the forest where we hunted. New Mexico was beautiful. The local people were the friendliest I have ever met anywhere. We had a great time!

John Williams