September 7: Mark Drury

No sooner did I get home from Wyoming, and I was already anticipating my annual trip to Southern Alberta, Canada with Corey Jarvis of Three Rivers Adventures. Due to the birth of his first daughter, Jared was unable to make the trip last year. This year we’re both back in the saddle and headed north on September 7. The highs were in the 90s as we left the Midwest. We were pleasantly surprised to be greeted with sunny skies and 45 degrees when we landed in Calgary. Wow! Did that put us in the mood to hunt! We arrived at Corey’s by 3pm and used the rest of the evening to shoot our PSEs and scout for Mule Deer. We traveled to most of our normal hot spots, but the deer were hard to find. We saw a few bucks, only one of which we considered a shooter. It was getting late, so we called it a night and were back at it by 6:15 the next morning.

A cold front moved in bringing rain, clouds, and a North East wind. Over the next fourteen hours, words cannot describe how many close calls we had. The cold weather had the deer on their feet most of the day. We stopped for breakfast around nine that morning, and didn’t eat again until 10:30 that night! We got close to several good bucks, and almost closed the deal on a 170 class mature mule deer. We bedded him, stalked to within 40 yards where we waiting four hours for him to stand up for a shot. When he finally did stand, he looked right at us, and then ran out of our lives forever. Apparently, he wasn’t ready for his appearance on Bow Madness just yet.

With about an hour of light left, we got on a group of five bucks. One looked like a monster. We glassed them for a few minutes, made our best guess about where they were headed, and set out to get in front of them. Luckily, our guess was correct. The one we were after was the last buck of the group. The PSE Omen found its mark and I recovered my second best Mule Deer bow kill ever!

A big thanks to Corey Jarvis and Three Rivers Adventures. This place is unreal! Jared and I are here for another four days. We have one more Mule Deer tag and two Whitetail tags between Jared and myself, so hopefully we’ll be making a few more journal entries in the days to come.