September 9: Jared Lurk

Here we go – Alberta Bound, again!! I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I last made this trip. It’s like coming to my second home when we get to hunt with Corey Jarvis of Three River’s Adventures. He’s a good friend and a tremendous guide!

The archery opener was Sept 8th and just like in Wyoming for Mark – it was one and done. We had an event filled day, hunted from sun up to sun down and he closed the deal on a great deer. We recovered his muley the following day and spent that morning finishing up the footage and snapping photos. After dressing and skinning his buck, there wasn’t time left to continue mule deer hunting, so, we elected to set up a ground blind for an evening’s whitetail hunt. That’s the beauty of coming to hunt with Corey – its a combo Mule Deer / Whitetail Hunt. Muleys in the morning, whitetails in the evening. September 9th was a tremendous movement day for whitetails. Check out our journal entry for September 9th to read more!

Since Mark’s mule deer tag was filled early in the trip - it was my turn in front of the camera and behind the stick and string. To say I was pumped, is a major understatement. After a short night’s sleep and a predawn drive, we arrived at the property. Corey glassed the distant hill sides and found 11 bucks including 3 shooters. That was the good news, the bad news - they where over a mile away, across a huge seemingly uncrossable river bottom. We elected to watch them via the spotting scope. For the next several hours, we glassed, planned, glassed, strategized, and glassed some more. Finally, it appeared as if the 2 bigger bucks had bedded by themselves....and the games could begin – spotting and stocking big muleys in Alberta, Canada !!!

Over the next several hours we walked (a lot), crawled, slipped, slid, slithered, and maneuvered around the terrain and kept the wind in our favor. Alll of this, in order to get on their hill side to try and come in above the silver bush they where in.

As it turned out – the initial part of the plan worked, we where indeed above them and now found ourselves at 62 yards. Mark stayed there to film, and I slowly and carefully belly crawled to close the distance to 50 yards. My mouth was dry, nerves where coming unglued, heart was pounding, and mind was racing – I had to keep telling myself to calm down or you are going to miss this shot by a mile. After settling in, drawing & aiming, - I nailed him. He ran about 150 yards and flipped over on film. The celebration began!! We where all super excited.

Chapter two of the Albertan mule deer adventure was complete. Two absolute Giant Muleys where on the ground! Mark and I just couldn’t believe we had accomplished so much in such a short period of time. Not to mention, the footage from this trip is absolutely stellar. Season 4 of Bow Madness is going to be a lot of fun to watch!!