September 27: Jeff Propst

This hunt was one I was really anticipating throughout the summer months, Mark Drury and I had spoken back in the early part of the summer and he had talked to me about going to Western Nebraska to hunt with Justin Simmons of Spring Meadows Hunting and Fishing, to bow hunt Mule Deer. I was excited to say the least! I have been wanting to hunt Mule Deer again, it had been years since I have hunted them, and after all the details were worked out, the hunt was set for the last week of September.

Justin Simmons of Spring Meadows Hunting and Fishing, would be hosting the hunt, his family owns a large ranch in Western Nebraska, and he also has several ranches leased around the home place. He assured me after several phone conversations we would have plenty of opportunity to spot, stalk and bow kill a trophy Mule Deer and he was not wrong!

After a long drive from Missouri we arrived in camp on Saturday evening the 25th, we met up with Justin and he gave us the plans for the next several days and how we were going to hunt. The first day right off the bat we spotted a 170’’ class Mule Deer and the stalk was on, we got really close to the buck in his bed, and I thought the hunt was going to end quickly, but as so often happens, the wind swirled, and it was game over! We hunted the rest of the day, basically driving the ranch and hiking and glassing and towards evening we got on another buck that we thought would go 180’’! We crawled in really closed to the buck, but just as I came to full draw, a 2 year old buck picked us off and spooked and once again the game was over, but what a first day!

Day 2 of our hunt was pretty slow, the weather had gotten unusually hot and the deer were not moving and we spent the whole day searching and trying to find a buck to stalk, but the hot weather just really shut the hunting down. That night Justin and his brother drove the ranch and checked some of the alfalfa and rye fields to see if he could find where the bucks were feeding so we could figure out where to find them in the mornings as they left the fields to head into the hills to bed. Justin came buy our camp about 10 that evening and he was excited, he and his brother had found 2 big bucks in a rye field and he was confident we would get on them first thing in the morning.

Well it couldn’t have worked out better, at daylight the next day we spotted the bucks leaving the feed fields right at first light, we watched one the of the bucks which was a 6x4 with an extra tine on his left fork of his G2, for close to 2.5 hours as he made his way to his bedding area, and once he bedded the stalk was on! It took us about 30-40 minutes to make the stalk and I was able to sneak into the buck’s bedroom and make the shot! My deer hunt in Nebraska was over, and I was one happy hunter, Justin had done a great job locating the deer and he has an intimate knowledge of the ranches he hunts as well as how to hunt them, I can’t thank him enough! If you are interested in bowhunting trophy mule deer, give Justin a call at 308-360-0545,

Jeff Propst