September 24: Rob Watson, Staff Sergeant, U.S.M.C

As told by Sergeant Major (ret) Glen Simpson

SITUATION: 25 September 2010, Kentucky, cloudy, 71 degrees

MISSION: Seek-out and harvest an early season Buck with archery tackle during the Kentucky season without being detected and without mission failure!

Just back from a successful Colorado Elk hunt with Ken it was time to hit the Kentucky woods with good friend and fellow warrior, Rob Watson. Rob happens to be my neighbor and we both share the passion of the sport of archery and the love of hunting those elusive boys of the fall…the whitetail buck!

Rob was getting good MRI (most recent information) on a few good bucks on a farm he has permission to hunt and wanted to know if I wanted to hang in a tree and film one hitting the ground. Well you toss me the ball and I’ll catch it every time…so it was off to the woods.

We hunted a few evenings with only doe and small buck encounters but it was also African hot and a rising full moon. Then Mother Nature decided to give us a break and drop in a low pressure system, good cloud cover, and comfortable temperatures and we knew the set to hang…the river set!

Getting in early we loaded up the HuntV and headed down river and climbed into the set with the river to our back and the wind blowing to her, perfect wind. The movement was slow as the first deer arrived with the sun fading on the horizon, it was the advance recon six pointer that always came thru before the HVT (High Value Target) G4 buck. Sure enough, not far behind the small buck was the HVT but light was fading fast and he had better hurry.

The buck finally broke thru the opening and smelled the small amount of BB2 that we put out to stop them in the kill zone. The buck right to it and gave Rob the perfect broadside shot at 22 yards. The green light was given and the rage tipped arrow released striking the buck in the heart. The buck ran off falling only a few yards away!

Mission complete!
Until next time… waiting for helicopter extraction and follow-on orders.