September 8: Jared Lurk

The previous 5 years we’ve been coming to Canada to hunt deer with Corey Jarvis and Three River’s Adventures, the weather has always been good for Mule deer hunting and suboptimal for early season Whitetails. However, this year was different. A huge cold front hit the southern part of the province the same day we arrived.

Mark and I elected to hunt Mule Deer in the morning and Whitetails in the evening. The great thing about this part of the Alberta is that its game rich and they have plenty of both!! Of course, even the best laid plan has to be changed! We spent the entire first day hunting Muleys mainly because we where in and amongst them all day. Mark closed the deal on huge buck just before dark on opening day. After we recovered him the following morning – it started to rain. And rain hard. We won’t melt – but our cameras will, so, we opted to plan for a whitetail hunt in a ground blind out of the elements for the evening of Sept 9th.

Corey’s 16 year old son, Tyler, had been glassing the river bottoms and patterning a shooter buck crossing the river going from bed to food. To say, Tyler was a chip off the ole (guide) block would be a major understatement. He’s ate up with it. Loves to scout, guide, and hunt – just like his old man!! Based on Tyler’s MRI (most recent information) we set up and brushed a blind in, mid-day at that crossing.

Its the prettiest whitetail set up you could ever imagine. A big, thick, bedding wood lot North and West of us across the Belly River. Due to the depth and speed of the river, it funnels the deer to one river crossing that leads 4 major trails 42 to 12 yards from the blind. The deer that cross are belly deep traveling against a fast flowing river. The evenings’ hunt started out well and only continued to get better and better. Does and little one’s crossed first, accepted our blind and moved on up the hill out of the bottoms to a harvested pea field.

Right at sunset, Mark said – shooter coming...then, two shooters, followed by – which one? We elected to try for the second one because he appeared to be the older one of the two. The deer crossed, shook off, and came our way. I stopped him at 22 yards, the lumenocked bow madness arrow found its mark, and he expired prior to making it back across the river.

Mark said in his 21 years of hunting and filming whitetails, he hasn’t filmed a prettier whitetail kill! What a way to start the season!! My first Canadian Whitetail and he was a GIANT. The buck had 20” of mass per side and we believe he’s 6 or 7 years old.

Thank you, thank you, thank you – Corey, Tyler and Mark!!