"The Last Trick"

I finally had an open weekend to hunt Northern Missouri and I couldn’t wait to get to the farm after school on Friday! It is Missouri archery season so I was even more excited to be hunting with my brand new pink PSE Chaos. A cold front came in Friday night so my dad and I knew they would move and I hit the weather perfectly. Surprisingly, I agreed to hunt Saturday morning and all I can say is 5:15 came pretty dang early! The temperature was in the 40’s, with strong winds and a clear sky. We went to a tree stand over Biologic Green Patch Plus right behind the house and as soon as we got settled in the deer were already moving. It was only 6:15 and here comes 1 of the 4 shooters I was hunting at 15 yards! My dad and I were in shock he came out so early, a little too early to shoot because the camera didn’t have enough light. Now our hopes were high for Saturday nights’ hunt because the bucks were on their feet!

After having a lovely breakfast with the family and taking a 4 hour nap I was ready to get back out Saturday evening! We drove the HuntVe all the way in and got our stuff ready in the box blind on a field of Biologic winter bulbs and sugar beets my dad calls Turkey Foot. This was my first time hunting on this particular field so I was excited to see what was going to move! To say the least, the cold front had about every deer on the farm moving and this was by far the best sit I’ve ever had. We saw about 15 bucks and 35 does. Right when we thought the movement was slowing down here comes the monster we were hunting, a 170” buck that literally took my breath away. My dad and I couldn’t believe it. He slowly ate and made his way around the field and ended up turning and coming towards the blind at a fast pace! The panic buttons were pushed with this size of a deer heading straight for us! I grabbed my bow, opened the window and he came all the way into 35 yards which wasn’t close enough for my shooting range. He was the biggest buck I’ve ever seen while hunting and it was a great experience coming close to killing a buck that big. Now, our hopes were even higher after all these great encounters!

I decided to skip Sunday mornings’ hunt so I could be well-rested for that evening. All weekend my dad said I would kill Sunday night because he knew the winds were perfect for a field we call Hourglass. There was always a ton of deer here and I have shot a buck with my gun and a doe with my bow on this same field! We got into the box blind which was over Biologic Green Patch Plus and it wasn’t long 3 does came to the field. This was already a good sign of early movement. At 5:50 I look over and here comes a beautiful shooter buck coming right at us and walks all the way into 10 yards! I opened the window, my dad was on him, and I made the shot! I was so nervous and excited because I hadn’t killed a buck with my bow in 2 years! My shot was back a little back but he died within 40 yards because I hit the Hepatic artery going into the liver. He was a huge 4 year old deer that scored 143 2/8 and he was nicknamed Cheap Trick. 2 years ago in this same field I came to full draw on him on Halloween night and he nudged a doe right when I was about to shoot. So killing this buck was even more special knowing I’d had an encounter with him before but he played a trick on me! Cheap Tricks’ time finally ran out at Hourglass :)

I hope everyone has a good, safe fall!