October 3: David Lindsey

I couldn’t wait to get in a tree as soon as season opened and hopefully be greeted by some cooler weather. With fall in the air, I was ready for a change. I have had all the hot weather I wanted for this year.

Well the first few days of October started off slow as usual, but we had a cold front coming that would bring cooler temps and some frost hopefully. Last year when we had that first week of cold weather some really nice bucks hit the ground. It seems this first week of season the deer were on anything green: alfalfa, clover, maximum plots and beans. BEANS? most beans are brown and dry come October the 1st RIGHT? Wrong!!!!! In April this year I heard some really good reports of Eagle Seed Forage beans and how well they had done as far as producing twice as much forage as regular soybeans. We decided to plant several of our fields to see how they would turn out and how the deer liked them.

With all the rain we had this past spring we couldn’t get our crops in and wasn’t able to plant our beans until may 25th. This was good and bad, the bad thing was they didn’t completely fill out before the first frost hit, but the good news was that come the first of October our new beans would still be green and 4-6 feet tall, making them a deer magnet and providing the deer cover in the fields.

On October 4th we had a south-south east wind and decided to head to one of those bean fields, this one being a 5 acre secluded field that we had been running our Reconyx cameras on for the past two months and knew we had several good bucks visiting this field during daylight. Little did we know that one of those good bucks would come out real early and start heading our way. It was a deer we call B.J., he has been on the Whitetail Madness video series the last two years but we had elected to pass him hoping he would reach his full potential. Well this movie star was 6.5 years old and this was his year to die. He made his way to 15 yards from our tree and when Dusty let me know he was on him, I released the arrow and he went 75 yards and fell over. It was some awesome over-the-shoulder footage and he scored right at 167”, weighed 275 lbs and I had my first Iowa giant of the year.