September 30: John O'Dell & Dave Reisner

This story started a couple of years ago when we began planning for our first Canadian Caribou adventure. It has been a lifelong dream of mine to go Caribou hunting in Canada. Dave and I were extremely fortunate to be invited by Richard and Amanda of Jack Hume Adventures to sample some of the amazing caribou hunting they have in Quebec. Jack Hume is a second generation outfitter and one of the most trusted and successful caribou outfitters in Quebec. They have access to both and George and Leaf River herds and have an extremely high success rate. By the time our hunt finally arrived we could not wait to get out and hit the Tundra. As a special treat Dave’s wife Amy was going to come along on her first big game adventure.

Well right away Dave and I could tell that Jack Hume Adventure is a class operation and they take care of their hunters from A-Z! We initially flew into Montreal where we were greeted by Amanda (Richard’s wife). She greeted us and issued our tags. She also weighed our gear and explained details about the hunt and answered our questions. The next morning we had an early flight to Schefferville where we ate breakfast while our gear was loaded on the float plane. Then we flew out to hunt Richard’s camp at Amanda Lake.

The first afternoon we tested out the PSE’s on some Ptarmigan. We shot several with our PSE Omen bows. Some were almost pure white while others still had quite a bit of brown. Betty our camp cook truly spoiled us with her amazing cooking that night and the next morning and the rest of the week. After a great breakfast each morning were out on the tundra in search of giant caribou bulls. The first few days were slow for us but there were several lucky hunters in our camp that shot amazing bulls!

We were fortunate to have two great guides in Doug and Curry. They were both outstanding but despite their best efforts we hunted hard all week and had several caribou sightings but nothing we could get into bow range besides cows and small bulls. The migration was sporadic just like the weather and it was hard to pinpoint the exact 50 yard area the caribou might cross. So on the last day we swapped our PSE bows for a borrowed rifle. One of the other hunters in camp had filled out and he graciously offered us his rifle.

So on the last day with only a few hours left in our hunt lady luck finally shinned our way. We found a large group of caribou along a lake and there was one really good bull in the herd along with one other bull. We quickly came up with a plan that I would shoot the big bull first and then Amy would shoot the other bull. Amazingly the plan that we came up with worked perfectly, well almost perfectly. My bull came to 50 yards along with 50 cows and young bulls. Eventually they went to our downwind side after some of the cows were within 20 yards. The herd spooked but luckily for me my bull gave me a clear shot at 100 yards and as he was trotting away I took the shot and he went down stone dead. Amy was up next and the group of caribou circled and then looked back at us. Soon the target bull started feeding at 186 yards but Amy did not feel comfortable with the shot so Dave shot Amy’s bull and again he dropped right on the shot. We were all super pumped!! I had fulfilled a lifelong dream and Dave was able to share a big game hunt adventure with his wonderful wife. A huge thank you goes out to Richard and Amanda and their entire crew for making this trip the hunt of a lifetime for all of us! If you are interested in a truly spectacular Quebec Caribou hunt contact Richard at www.jackhumeadventures.com . On a side note during our hunt all of the other hunters in camp were 100% successful with rifles taking 2 bulls each.

Amy is up to bat next with her PSE bow in Iowa so stay tuned to the DOD journal for more of our season!