Pretty Boy

Most of this story has already been told through the Kodak Video Journal, but here are a few side bar notes on Pretty Boy.

When I shot him, it marked the first time I ever laid eyes on this buck. He was one of those bucks who were always on the farm, but for whatever reason, he eluded me many, many times. It was awesome to actually see him in real life. I only knew him through Reconyx pictures up to that point and had to pinch myself to be sure it was really happening. Pretty Boy entered a mowed trail, following it 100 yards to a patch of Biologic’s Winter Bulbs and Sugar Beets. In my mind, I always assumed this turnip mixture would be better suited for late season. Based on everything I have seen so far this year, the lush green plants are as palatable now as the turnips are in late season. Next year I plan on planting a lot more. The deer usage is incredible!

If ever there was a deer that my Reconyx camera helped me kill, it would definitely be Pretty Boy. Without them, I wouldn’t even have known he existed, and I certainly would not have hunted where I did that night.

Pretty Boy ended up grossing a little over 176 and field dressed over 200 pounds!

For the full story, check out my Kodak Video Journal at the top of the page.