April 8: Jonathan Shepley

Legendary Pete Shepley traveled with son, Jonathan, to East Central Kansas to hunt turkeys with old friend, Dennis Doherty, and new friends: Mark and Terry Drury. The opening morning of the Kansas Shotgun Season found Jonathan and Terry sharing space in an Ameristep Dream Season blind. It was a clear morning with several gobblers making it known that they were in the area. Jonathan was hunting with his X-Force bow and Terry was handling camera and calling duties.

Terry had set out the new Flambeau King Strut and a single hen decoy prior to taking position inside the blind. After thirty minutes of continuous gobbling action, the most out spoken of the roosted toms hit the ground and continued his oral communications to the local hen population. Terry determined it was time to point this gobbler in their direction and began calling. It didn’t take long for the tom to come within sight of the King Strut decoy and head right for it.

Inside the blind, Terry was capturing the tom on film, and Jonathan was getting ready for the right opportunity to shoot. Once the gobbler was on top of the decoy, something, probably within the blind, made it spook and run a few steps off to Jonathan’s right. It didn’t take long for the tom to reset its sights on the King Strut decoy which lured him right back into perfect position for Jonathan’s shot. The arrow was right on the mark, and the Rage 2-blade head literally dropped the turkey in its tracks.

Jonathan, who has yet to take a turkey with a shotgun, collected his 8th turkey to date with a bow, and Terry captured all of it on film. Jonathan had one turkey down and was one up on his father…so far!