April 11: Sergeant Major Glen Simpson


EXECUTION: Armed with bow and camera in hand Glen Simpson and camera operator Chris Ogle set out opening morning of the Kentucky season with high expectations of harvesting a bird with archery tackle. Glen had set the Ameristep Dream Season blind on what he has now named "Boot Hill" the evening prior in the hopes to roost a couple of birds for the next mornings hunt; however, the 30 mph winds quickly eliminated this possibility.

Opening morning brought cloudy skies, calmer early morning winds and gobbling birds. Glen knew after harvesting several birds with bow in years past that this farm was crawling with big mature toms but he also knew that it was the type of hunt that patience wins the day as the birds usually make their grand appearance around mid morning. Just as in previous years the toms made their way from the bottoms up to the top wheat field around 0900 hrs; however, unlike previous years, Glen's Techniques, Tactics, and Procedures where about to change as the morning heat ushered in the stronger winds!

Spotting a nice gobbler with several hens in the field behind the blind Chris made soft yelps in order to let the Boss Tom know that there was competition in his field. After a couple of sweet yelps and from out of nowhere another tom dropped from the sky and landed to the right of the decoys at 100 yards. Hunters surprised but focused, it was at this time that things got very interesting as the gusting wind was not helping the situation. The tom, recognizing the opportunity to score on a target of opportunity came in on a run to 40 yards of the set when the wind made King Strut move very erratic so much so that the inbound gobbler skirted to the right side of the blind where he began to strut for the next 10 minutes.

Upon developing the situation, Glen and Chris decided to hit the tom with a few soft yelps in order to see if the bird would commit. The weary tom hearing the call began to move toward the set but unfortunately did not want to mess with the now dancing King Strut and skirted just outside bow range. As the two watched the strutting tom circle outside the range fan for archery tackle it was at this time that Glen decided to change techniques and pull out the Remington Equalizer. After making the weaponry switch, Glen drew a tight bead with the Nikon scope and dropped the bird at 50 steps.

Mission Complete....Until next time....waiting for extraction and follow on orders.