With Pete, Jonathan and Terry’s birds all in the bag Mark and Terry were trying to complete their episode for BOW MADNESS, but they were lacking one final bird…Mark’s. The birds didn’t roost well the night before and they didn’t gobble well this morning with the cold front so Terry and Mark resorted to their old tricks. Cover ground!

They hit 15 different spots on foot, on Bad Boy Buggy or by truck cuttin’ and runnin’ and finally at 11:30 they heard a gobble. They weren’t sure where it was so they moved in to where they thought it came from and 2 birds answered and were obviously on their way.

It was a 200 yard foot race back to the truck to get the gear and it was all they could to do catch their breath! They grabbed all their stuff and left the Dream Season blind behind because there just wasn’t enough time!

As they were getting in to position they noticed that the birds were gobbling on their own. Every time Mark called the birds gobbled repeatedly all the way from 200 yards out to 10 yards in.

Mossy Oak’s Treestand pattern worked to perfection as Mark came to full draw with 2 adults completely enamored by the King Strut decoy at less than 10 yards away from Mark’s setup. One shot through the vitals and the bird ran 10 yards and fell over dead!

The footage is awesome and the hunt was just like they like them….a flash hunt cut and run style. As was the case with Terry’s it was Mark’s first ever gobbler in the spring with a bow!