The 2008 Missouri Spring Turkey opener came under an outlook of poor weather conditions which did not help the early morning start. Mark and Terry were teaming up with Terry's son Matt for their first turkey hunt together in over 15 years! Needless to say Mark & Terry were fired up to hit the turkey woods in an effort to fill Matt's tag.

As fate would have it, circumstances prevented the Drury clan from entering the turkey woods before daylight. As a result the plan was to wait until the birds hit the ground and then implement the traditional "run and gun" technique that works so well in big Missouri timber.

The birds were gobbling strong without incentive and so it was not difficult for Mark and Terry to figure out where they wanted to go. Matt was put in position, within yards of the new King Strut decoy, where a very vocal bird was expected to come in. Mark was running the camera and Terry was positioned several yards behind the pair to entice the gobbling bird into range. After a brief period of calling by Terry, the bird came to within 35 yards and Matt made a great shot and bird number 1 of the Missouri season was on the board.

The Drury boys went back to camp after taking care of Matt's video "B-Roll" obligations to eat and relax for a while. It was finally decided that since Mark had filmed Matt's bird, Matt would make an effort to do the same for Mark. So Mark, Terry and Matt set out for bird number 2. All three Drury's piled into their Bad Boy Buggy and began efforts to strike a new gobbler. After making a few calls to entice a gobble, a bird responded and the game was on. Mark and Terry set out the King Strut and hen decoys; Matt positioned himself with the camera behind Mark and hoped the favor would be repaid. After a very brief effort at calling, a big Missouri Tom was within range of Mark's 20 gage and bird number 2 was on the board!

Since there was ample time left before the 1:00 p.m. cutoff deadline before the first day of the Missouri season ended, the Drury group decided it would be icing on the cake if brother/father Terry took a bird on opening day as well. After piling back into the Bad Boy and while driving to a fresh location they bumped a gobbler that flew across to an adjacent ridge. Upon a brief period of discussing their bad luck, Mark made some calls and surprisingly the "bumped" bird gobbled. The crew scrambled to set a plan, get in position and get the Flambeau decoys set-up. Within minutes the gobbler came within sight of the King Strut decoy and soon thereafter Terry had bird number 3 on the board and the Drury's completed an unexpected hat trick! Three birds on opening day of the Missouri season by brother, father and son! Wow!

In the meantime Chris Comstock and Steve "Coon Dog" Coon where out on one of Chris' favorite spots to try their hand at the opening day luck! First up to bat was Chris and he knew just where he wanted to strike the birds. Unfortunately the gobbling birds did not want to come into the wet field that Chris and "Coon Dog" were set-up in, so on to plan B; driving and glassing for birds. After seeing two nice longbeards in an open field, Chris and "Coon Dog's" strategic plan was to circle their location and set-up the King Strut decoy on the field's edge and try to call the birds in. Chris was saddled with the honors to set the decoy out and no sooner had he placed the decoy in the ground did the fan of one of the strutting birds crest the rise in the field. Ducking down and hurrying back to "Coon Dog's" position where he was setting up the camera, Chris encouraged "Dog" to hurry the heck up because "they were coming!" It was literally seconds before the birds were in sight of the King Strut decoy and here they came. Chris took the larger of the two birds at about 20 yards and "Coon Dog" captured all on film...barely!

Chris and "Coon Dog" switched camera and gun and took off to see if bird number two was in the cards. Shortly after calling to strike a gobble, a bird answered and the game was on. Unlike the previous set-up that happened so quick, this conquest took three set-ups and two major moves. Finally, on this last attempt, the combination of great calling by "Coon Dog" and the King Strut Decoy allowed "Dog" to take the duo's second bird of the day and fifth by the Drury camp on the opening day of Missouri.