April 27: Mike and McKenna Mc Ferrin & Taylor Drury

After Mark, Tracy and Taylor traveled to Texas for their first annual hunt with the McFerrin’s the two families had so much fun that the girls had been exchanging messages and texts ever since trying to devise a plan on how they could get back together soon!

The dads were only too happy to oblige! If the girls wanted to go turkey hunting again so badly the dads were all for it and would try to accommodate in any way possible.

So Mike and McKenna left sunny Houston and it was in the mid 80’s. When they hit the ground in MO the first morning hunt was 31 degrees and McKenna was COLD! Luckily the girls didn’t have to endure the temperatures long and a group of turkeys that they had roosted the night before came right in to the King Strut and McKenna, 10 years old, harvested her second turkey ever and her first eastern by 6:13 a.m.!

With McKenna’s bird in the bag Taylor was up to bat and it didn’t take long and a bird came in to the King Strut and by 8:30 Taylor had the second bird of the day and her third turkey ever harvested….at 24 1/2 pounds!

The girls spent the rest of the weekend playing and enjoying each other’s company. With the girls out of the way now it was dad’s turn! Mike only had one day left so they went to town and bought a tag and right out of the gate on Sunday morning a bird they had roosted flew down. It took over an hour for the turkey to come in to the King Strut decoy, strutting all the way, once it came to within 25 yards Mike took the shot and ended the special weekend for the two families. It was his first eastern ever and he can’t wait to come back.

Mark added that he believes it might be the most beautiful hunt he has ever laid down on video and can’t wait to see the finished hunt on Longbeard Madness 14 this fall!

It capped off a perfect weekend and the girls stated that they can’t wait until deer season!