“This One’s For You, Beau!”

Dan went to IA for a few days to help Mark burn his warm season grasses at his IA farm. Mark called from his farm in MO and said he was the lone wolf all by himself and extended the invitation for Dan to come on down for a turkey hunt.

Dan accepted the invitation and also had a heart felt reason for trying to produce a great turkey harvest on video. Dan and his son Cody had a tragic hunting accident hit close to home last fall and the following story depicts why Dan was so eager to get a hunt laid down on film to dedicate it to a fellow friend.

Last fall a friend of Cody’s in his late teens, Beau Arndt, an avid sportsmen/outdoors person and fellow friend/baseball player/team mate and just all around great person was tragically killed in a hunting accident.

Beau and some friends decided to go goose hunting one morning in the fall of 2007. They went out and set up their decoys in a field in the pre-dawn and sat patiently waiting for their much-anticipated quarry to come in. Instead a vehicle came by with three guys in it and stopped to take a shot with a high power rifle from their vehicle window at the goose decoys thinking they were real! This is where the story takes an unfortunate tragic turn. As the guy shot at the decoy unsuspecting Beau was right there with the decoy and was shot and killed instantly by the poachers.

Dan added that in today’s society he couldn’t think of a better place for a group of teenagers to be. Out enjoying the outdoors, not getting in trouble, but out enjoying what Mother Nature has provided for all of us to marvel in. They could have been out doing a million other things, but weren’t…they were hunting. Dan just wanted to add that people really need to think out there!

Dan’s son Cody had hand written a letter and had Dan hand deliver that message to Mark and Terry at the annual shed hunt in Iowa earlier this year. In the letter he had asked Mark and Terry if they could dedicate a hunt or video to Beau. Without a pause they accepted whole-heartedly with a resounding “Absolutely!”

Dan, Cody and all involved want to help bring more awareness to gun safety and shine some light on this horrible tragedy. To help achieve this Dan decided to produce three turkey hunts for Longbeard Madness 14. Dan had already filmed good friend Dave “Bunch” Hale from PA, but had yet to get himself or Cody on a bird. Dave’s turkey hunt was a 12-yard full frame smash and now it was up to Mark to film Dan.

Mark and Dan got up at 4:30 in the morning and next thing they knew they were out working birds. They had a bird gobbling across a small drainage, but he just wouldn’t come. “Even with the World Champion caller!” Dan wanted to add!

They moved positions and finally got him gobbling from probably 3 – 400 yards away and with Mark’s slate and mouth calling he came to within 12 yards and Dan laid the hammer down!

Dan couldn’t think of a better way to dedicate his hunt then to the memory of a fallen sportsmen and fellow friend Beau Arndt. Now it’s up to Cody to complete the trilogy for his fallen friend.