Well, the Pennsylvania season finally kicked off. Of course, I was traveling the weekend of the opener and missed it.

The second Saturday found Gregg and I on one of our best farms for turkeys. The weatherman was calling for rain, so we were unsure how much time we were going to have in the timber. First light found us set up in a great listening spot. Just at sunrise, we heard several birds in the distance, but nothing close! We decided to do some prospecting and made several moves trying to strike a bird.

After a couple of hours, we were right back where we started. Just then, we heard a gobble off in the distance on the next ridge. We could see several birds about 100 yards away on the next farm. As well, we heard one bird gobble in the bottom on our side. The rain was coming quick, but we decided to move down and see if we could get one of these birds to make a move.

As we reached the bottom of the field, we decided to make a call before crossing into the timbered bottom. As soon as Gregg hit the call, a different bird gobbled straight across the hollow. We were deciding where to set up when he gobbled again from our side! He was committed and coming fast!!

We quickly put out the decoy and set up in a bunch of brush and briars on the corner of the field. I moved out front and Gregg stayed back with the camera. I decided to let Gregg do all the calling, as usual! As soon as Gregg called, the bird hammered back just inside the timber. After a few more calls, I saw a full fan strutting right for us in the field. The bird took his sweet time working in. He would strut, then walk. What a show. He gobbled at least 4 or 5 times as he worked to within 25 yards. As the rain started to come down, I hammered him! This was our first turkey kill together in Pennsylvania on camera!! Stay tuned for more action as we have the entire month of May ahead of us.