Fifth season rolled around and I had doubts about me filling my tag this year. Having not gotten a bird roosted before the morning's hunt we were shooting in the dark as to where to go. I finally decided to try an Ameristep blind set that I had gotten close to taking a bird one week earlier.

When daylight broke we were eagerly awaiting a gobble to tell us we had made the right decision. 6:30 rolled around and we where only hearing ourselves wonder. When 7:00 turned up, we packed up and were on the move. Dad had to do a honeydo chore quick before our next stop, but in doing so we spotted a bird strutting in a field we were already familiar with. We knew where the bird was going to end up. Dad rapidly got his little chore done and we were blazing to the next stop.

We were going to a farm managed by Ohio River Outfitters. It was the same farm and same spot Dad had taken a bird in earlier this year. We got "Elvis" our King Strut decoy in place with some hens and settled in for what we thought would be a waiting game. I started doing some aggressive calling with the Heavy Metal Crystal hoping the bird would hear us and speed him up.

All of a sudden to our right 6 big long beards were coming from our only blind spot and charging "Elvis". I barley had time to get the gun up and Dad barely got the camera on them before they got the gig. I took the rear bird rolling him!

With Dad also having another tag we traded equipment, he took the gun and i tried taking the camera. Dad got a clear shot and humanely took the bird. It was our first double together and our year is finished in Illinois for the birds. It's now time to start getting some Biologic in the ground for this fall!