September 10: Mark Drury

I’ve been looking forward to my annual trip to Alberta Canada for some time now. My friendship with Corey Jarvis of Three Rivers Adventures (www.3riversadventures.com), the unbelievable beauty of Southern Alberta, and some of the best mule deer hunting I’ve ever seen have brought me back for four years now. Each year the mule deer herd gets stronger and stronger. I believe I saw more shooter bucks on this trip than the previous three combined!

Each day was one stalk after another. We hunted from sun up to sun down without a break and loved every second of it. I got on an awesome buck we thought would push 200. After stalking him three different times over two days, I finally got a shot opportunity. The footage was amazing, but what can I say, I missed.

The next day we set out again in search of this bruiser. We spotted a different shooter buck and decided to take our chances. After several hours of watching and waiting, the buck bedded down, giving us the opportunity to sneak in. At 30 yards we waited a couple more hours for the shot opportunity to present itself. The buck finally stood up giving me a perfect kill shot. And this time I didn’t miss! After the celebration ended the trip kept on rolling as Jared and I switched places. It was his turn to take a shot at harvesting a beautiful Alberta Mulley.

This was by far the best week of Mule Deer hunting I’ve ever seen! We showed up with intentions of filming a Bow Madness episode and left with exceeded expectations and material for a great show. We had so many encounters that we can’t fit it all into one 30-minute episode.

A big thank you to Corey Jarvis and Ken Hart, for without their friendship and help this trip would not have been possible. I’m already booked for next year and can’t wait!