September 5: Rick Kreuter

We had a great time having Mark in camp the first few days and although we tried to double, it just never seemed to work out. With Mark taking a great buck, I just couldn't shake the streak of bad luck on my side. However, things finally started to go my way.

We have been battling Mother Nature this fall as we've been experiencing above average rain storms. With Julie back in Nebraska for a few days, I gave my Dad a quick "how-to" on the camera and off we went. On our way out to the field I saw more storm clouds pushing in out of the Northwest so I knew we were bound to get wet.

I didn't have a stand set in the area I wanted to hunt so we built a small ground blind with a few old limbs, kept the wind in our face and got settled in. Not too long after the rain started, we caught a glimpse of this buck and doe working down towards our direction. As the buck and doe now stood within bow range, we rolled 26 minutes of video of them feeding in front of us at 35 yards and he never offered a shot. Eventually the doe fed in to 5 or 6 yards of me and soon figured out something wasn't right. She blew and walked in circles for another 5 minutes and as she turned to walk away the buck looked back where he came from and gave me the opportunity to draw. As I got back to full draw he turned to look back at me and I asked my Dad if he felt good about the camera and he said...."yes", and I let it fly!

This is my first velvet buck ever and I couldn't be more excited! Although it would have been a special hunt to double with Mark I have to say that this hunt with my Dad behind the camera will be one of my most memorable!