September 2: Mike Prochnow & Korey Kirschenmann

September 3 - September 14, 2008

9/3/08 - Korey and I decided to kick off our season by going out to an area only 45 minutes from Fargo one night after work. On the last stand of the evening, we heard a number of howls as soon as we turned on the call, and literally a few seconds later a pair of coyotes showed up. It was getting dark but we fortunately had enough time to get this nice big coyote. This is a good start to our year.

9/6/08 - Mike couldn’t come out with me so I did something I didn’t think was possible. I was both the cameraman and the hunter on this hunt. It wasn’t easy operating both gun and camera but I was able to call in this alpha male coyote into gun range. It was a very unique hunt as this coyote howled and barked all the way to gun. I will remember this hunt forever.

9/13/08 - Since I had successfully been the cameraman and hunter the week before, I tried it again and was successful a second time. First stand of the evening, a pair of coyotes came to the call and the first almost attacked my decoy. It spooked as it must have caught the scent from the decoy and I was able to harvest the second coyote. Upon looking at the tape, I was surprised to find out there were 2 more coyotes off in the distance so on my first stand, I had actually called in four.

9/14/08 - This was an incredibly windy, rainy day. This the kind of day a coyote hunter usually should stay home. After all the success of late, I had to try it. On the second stand of the evening, a pair of coyotes came in and although the first coyote caught our wind, I was able to make a nice 250 yard shot as it tried to leave. The coyote made the mistake of stopping and looking back one last time. The 2nd coyote did not give us a shot.