Dad and I had an absolutely awesome hunt from Oct 1 to Oct 5th at Hadley Creek Outfitters for the first leg of our Dream Season hunts for season 6, in Pike County Illinois, all I can say is wow! What a place to whitetail hunt. We usually do not get started with our deer hunting till later in October, but this season, we had an opportunity to go to Pike Co Illinois and hunt with the great folks at Hadley Creek Outfitters.

From the first evening in the stand on Wednesday evening till our last day which was on Sunday morning we saw more deer than we have ever seen hunting! And Bucks every setting, On Saturday evening, we had 15 bucks in the field in front of us! and probably 25-30 does, bucks fighting, bumping does around, we saw it all, it was incredible.

On Sunday morning we woke up to warmer temperatures and a SE wind, Dave Plocher our guide took us to a big hardwood ridge that transitioned into a bedding area, shortly after daylight a small buck and a couple does and fawns slipped through the timber behind us on their way to bed, about 7:50 am I looked up and saw this buck feeding down the ridge towards us and I whispered to my Dad that the buck was coming towards us so he could get the camera ready.

The buck came in to our left and we stopped him with a grunt at 25 yards, I made a good shot, the Rage broadhead did an incredible job, the buck traveled 60-70 yards and our hunt was complete!

Special thanks to Stacy Ward and the whole crew at Hadley Creek Outfitters, my Dad and I are fortunate to have hunted some great areas, but we have never had an opportunity to hunt to where we have seen so many deer along with the great quality of bucks that Pike Co Illinois is known for, good luck to all this fall………….Chris