September 26: Korey Kirschenmann

9/27/08 - Hunter Korey Kirschenmann

It was a Saturday and finally a day when the wind wasn’t blowing 30+ mph. I decided to try hunting a new area to me called the Sheyenne River Valley. Wow, the scenery was spectacular with all the leaves changing and one big alpha-male made my afternoon. The coyote came in mad that I was in his territory and gave me a great opportunity.

10/3/08 - Hunter Korey Kirschenmann

We are testing out a new product called Nyte Vu from J&K Outdoors. It consists of a scope camera and goggles that work together to allow the hunter to see through the scope without looking through it. It also allows the scope view to be recorded. I received it on Friday and was off to go hunting. The weather-man said winds from 25-30 mph starting on Friday night through the weekend. It didn’t sound like it would be good coyote hunting weather. I had time to set up on 2 stands on Friday night. The first one yielded no coyotes but the 2nd stand brought a coyote into about 50 yards. We couldn’t get the camera on the coyote at first . Finally, I got the OK we had the coyote in camera and I had it on the scope camera as well and was able to harvest this coyote. The weather man was right and the rest of the weekend was very blustery.