12 years later my journal story continues...yes it has been that long since I've picked up stick and string in the fall deer woods! Well, I guess I was just waiting for that perfect storm so to speak and this past summer it presented itself.

With the success of PSE and Drury Outdoors new show titled Bow Madness...PSE elected to design a brand new bow to hit the market in 2009 with this as its namesake. I just so happen to be one of the first LUCKY recipients to receive this new bow! It’s a great new single cam design that was a perfect fit for me!

I’ve only had it for a couple of weeks, but I’ve been shooting like crazy trying to get ready for an upcoming weekend that we had circled on our calendar for our annual family "punkin pickin" trip to the farm. Every year Terry & John Williams plant a pumpkin patch for the grandkids to come up for a weekend and pick pumpkins before Halloween so it was perfect timing to try my first hunt. The weekend finally came and I was out from behind the camera and finally getting to see just how much fun bow hunting the Missouri deer woods could be!

Friday night we saw several great deer and I passed a couple of nice bucks and when Saturday night came I finally was presented with an awesome opportunity from a mature doe so I took it! The new Mossy Oak Treestand Camo hid us perfefctly in a tree where there wasn't much cover and I put a perfect 20-yard shot on her and she didn’t run very far. This was the first animal I’ve released an arrow at in 12 years and I couldn’t have been happier.

Well, Sunday rolled around and it was going to be my last night to hunt for a while so I was anticipating what movement Terry and I might see. We got in early that night and it was some time before we saw the first movement. Actually, it was a pretty slow evening and we didn’t see much in terms of movement until that magical last few minutes of shooting light.

We were in a timber set because the winds were out of the South with gusts of 20-25 mph so we felt like the deer might be feeding on acorns. Sitting there fully decked out in our Scent Blocker suites we heard a grunt and not long after that we saw a doe being nudged down a logging road that came right by our stand. After the doe nudged off we finally saw what we had been waiting for all night/weekend…this big bodied mature Missouri buck!

The buck came straight down the logging road right in to my shooting lane and I stopped him and held my 20 yard pin right on. Took the shot and he didn’t run 80 yards! The blood trail was unreal with that Rage broadhead and when we walked up on him we just couldn’t believe the body and head/neck on this buck! He was going to field dress well over 200 lbs.

Upon further review Terry noticed that this was a buck that he had tons of Reconyx trail cam pictures of and he had aptly named him “Curly” because of the way his G1’s curled outwardly. He was thrilled that I had a chance to take a buck that he knew so well and together we made another great family memory in the Missouri timber! What a great weekend! -Matt