October 18: Amy Reisner

This was my last day of early season muzzleloader. My husband, Dave, and I had hunted as much as I could during this season, 5 times in all. So I was a little down in the mouth, thinking I was going to have an unfilled buck tag. Along with the fact that when we checked the wind for that day it was completely the wrong wind to hunt where Dave was sure we would get one.

Dave said, "Let's just get Scent Blockered up and we won't open the windows on the shooting house until we have to."

So we got there a little earlier than normal hoping not to bugger anything out of the bedding areas our wind was blowing right into. We no sooner got settled and some does and their fawns came out to feed on the Biologic Maximum. We watched them for quite some time and they never seemed bothered by us and our smell at all, Scent Blocker was working it's magic. This made me feel much better about the night's prospects and if we should see a shooter, then we actually would have a chance to get a shot off without the whole field clearing.

Deer kept coming the whole afternoon including several small bucks, they seemed to be increasing in age and size as time went on, hopefully we won't run out of time before the big boy comes out, was what kept going through my mind.

Dave was glassing the field edges and caught some movement in the trees. He said, "Amy, I think this is a big one, but I can't tell which buck this is. He is keeping his head down enough that I can't get a clear view of his rack."

Some hope was on the horizon. So, I kept an eye on him while he was laying down in the trees. He would get up and scrape a little and then lay back down, never giving me a clear view either of which buck this was.

Dave said, "I really think this is the ten pointer that we want to get."

Suddenly the buck got up and walked straight away from us and I lost sight of him. My heart sank thinking it was my last chance at a deer this muzzleloader season.

I kept watch out the side we had seen him on just in case he decided to come out. Suddenly, he appeared farther down the way in the Trophy Oats.

"Dave, there he is. But, I don't think I can shoot out of this side window to get him." The deer was too far down and at an angle that just didn't allow for me to shoot out of the window I was seated at.

So we adjusted quickly and I got set up on the back window. 114 yards. That shouldn't be a problem for the Thompson Center. Dave made me a wait a bit so that he was set up well to film, which made me quite nervous. I was sure the buck was going to wander off any moment. Dave was finally ready for me to shoot, so I did. The muzzleloader made some thick smoke making it hard for me or Dave to see where I hit the buck, but he ran off hard, and I felt good about my shot, so I was sure I got him. But we decided, that it was best to just back out and try in the morning to find him.

It sure is hard to get any sleep when all you want to do is go find your buck. So the next morning, Dave and I went to the farm and after a tedious track job came upon the reward to my muzzleloader season! A 136" Iowa ten point!