Our season is rolling along! After shooting an ancient 11.5 yr. old cow elk in Kentucky on Sunday and Glen laying down a 160” Illinois buck on Wednesday, our good fortune continued on Friday morning. Since my filming partner Glen Simpson was hunting in Illinois, I called Corey Knochel to help with the filming.

We got there at 5:30am, better get there early as public land is first-come, first-serve. After donning our ScentBlocker and spraying down, we made the hike to a white oak ridge that is bordered to the west by an overgrown field. As daylight approached we finished our initial interview just in time to hear deer running and a buck grunting on the next ridge. I managed to see 3 does scatter down through the woods, but never could find the buck. About 8:30am, a single doe came within 25 yards of our stand. She was extremely nervous acting, but nothing was trailing.

At 10:30am, Corey and I were standing there talking and both noticed a tree down the drain shaking. Grabbing my Nikon binos, I could make out the tips of antlers making a rub. As the buck finished, he made his way up the hill right towards us. Corey positioned the camera as the buck made it to the flat we were on, only to turn broadside at 38 yards and bedded down. The buck had bedded with his back against a large log, preventing any kind of shot. The only thing to do was waiting him out.

At 11:30am, with camera rolling, the mature 7 point put out his leg and stood up. I had a shot but it was slightly quartering too, so I waited. He turned to his right, now broadside, but a tree was covering his vitals. I stayed at full draw hoping he’d make one more step only to watch him lay down again!

We stayed ready until at 12:30pm something up the hill caught the buck’s attention. He held tight a few more minutes studying the hillside. At 12:35pm he arose and now at 41 yards gave me a shot. Getting the green light from Corey I settled the pin right behind the shoulder and let the X-force eat. The arrow entered right behind the shoulder and when the Rage was done, he made it 50 yards before piling up.

After the celebration had calmed down a little, we climbed down to put our hands on the buck we had been watching the last 2 hours. It was the culmination of an awesome story. Watching a buck bed for that long and making the shot at 12:35pm looked improbable, but we waited him out and put a cap on a great week for Glen and me.