October 16: Mike Prochnow & Jeff Grenz

October 17th & 24th 

October 17th: Korey and I finally had a chance to spend a full day hunting coyotes in North Dakota. This day was filled with many highs and lows including seeing 10 coyotes on 6 different stands including 4 total shooting opportunities. I was able to harvest 2 coyotes but we managed to only get one on tape. This was a fun day and the first time we were able to use the new Thompson Center Icon and Nikon BDC scope. It is a deadly combination.

October 24th:
Mike wasn’t able to join me the next weekend, so I talked my brother-in-law, Jeff Grenz, into hunting with me. Jeff took me coyote hunting for the first time in 1984. I am sure back then he didn’t realize what he was starting as my obsession towards coyote hunting has continued to grow each and every year.

Almost 25 years later, the student has now become more of the teacher. On this hunting adventure, I filmed and Jeff used my equipment. The conditions were brutal with winds blowing up to 30mph. We only had time for 3 quick stands before lunch Jeff was able to connect on one coyote and missed another during this morning hunt. The winds continued to pick up and gusted to nearly 50 mph during the afternoon and the rest of the weekend so we decided to end the hunt. It would have been fun to see what we could have done with a full day or weekend of hunting.