October 29: Mark Drury

Sweet October

Wow! What a week this has been! I killed a nice mature buck on Saturday in Illinois, had a great encounter in Missouri on Monday with a real pretty 10pt, and saw a giant I nicknamed Chiquita for his banana-like tines on Thursday in Iowa. As the morning hunt ended on Thursday and I was headed back to the truck, I spotted a buck I knew from Reconyx pictures this summer. I nicknamed him Flyer for the 8 inch kicker on his left G2 – a 3 or 4 year old buck by my estimates.

After hanging a new set and fixing some wind-blown ground blinds, I headed back for the evening hunt. I decided to sit a stand not far from where I had spotted Flyer in the morning. We got in a little late, but just in time for the movement to begin. At 5:50, I spotted horns through the brush and knew right away it was Flyer. As he gave me a clear view of his head and body, I knew he was easily a fully mature deer! His head and body were so big that his rack looked proportionally smaller and I quickly realized why I thought he was only 3 or 4. Flyer read and memorized the script, and at 5:55 he gave me a perfect broadside shot at 12 yards. The Rage Broadhead found its mark taking out both lungs and the heart. An easy tracking job ended with an absolute giant Iowa buck weighing in at 235 pounds field dressed with an estimated live weight of 300, and scoring 158 2/8. My biggest bodied deer to date!

What a great way to finish out Sweet October! I’m now headed to Missouri to meet up with Taylor for the weekend youth hunt.