November 1: Taylor Drury

Hunting or Halloween?

With Halloween fast approaching, Taylor had a big decision to make – go to a huge Halloween party with a bunch of her friends, or go to north Missouri for youth season with her dad and best friend Bridgette. It didn’t take her long to make the decision. The plan was to bow hunt on Halloween night, and rifle hunt for the open of Missouri’s youth season on Saturday November 1st.

On Friday we had a classic Halloween bow hunt. We saw 6 bucks, the largest of which was a 150 class 8 point. Taylor nearly closed the deal on Pope & Young 8 point, but he bolted to chase does just before the shot. Our hopes were big as we prepared for the hunt on Saturday morning November 1. We settled into our blind and realized we could only see 30 yards through a very rare and dense fog that enveloped Northern Missouri. The deer didn’t move well and we didn’t see a single deer from the stand Saturday morning.

We were encouraged when word came from Iowa that both Taylor’s cousin Jared and her uncle Terry had both shot beautiful Iowa bucks that morning. There was no doubt we were going to make the 45 min trip north to Iowa to see those two giant bow kills.

Seeing these two Iowa giants had our spirits high once again. We went to one of our favorite fields Saturday evening, but saw only does. Sunday morning brought in a denser, thicker fog than what we had on Saturday and we got skunked again. We didn’t see even a single deer. Sunday night we headed back to the area where we had so much luck on Friday’s bow hunt. This proved to be the correct decision. At about 5pm, out stepped a beautiful Northern Missouri 8pt with two kickers on the inside of his left main beam. We knew this was the one we were going to try and take. I was running the primary camera, and Taylor’s friend, Bridgette, was running backup camera. The buck presented a broadside shot at 65 yards. Taylor made great shot and harvested her highest scoring deer ever and a buck that would field dress at 185 pounds. At the start of the weekend, Bridgette wasn’t sure if she wanted to participate and kill a deer. By the end of the weekend, she was ready, so who knows what will be in store for her in the future. We all had a great time and can’t wait to go back!