This year started out tough for us. We’ve had to battle the wind and
temperature all month. It seemed every time we would plan a hunt something would force us to change locations. Here in Iowa, the month of October finally came to a close, with no blood drawn!

November however, started off with a bang; it’s almost like someone turned he light switch on. Karl, my cameraman and I crawled back in a tree with new vigor! First hunt, we had deer all over us. With an East wind I decided this change would be a great opportunity to try a stand out that I’ve never hunted. This spot is simply a travel corridor, a spot where you can expect to see some big deer cruising to the food or chasing does!

We weren’t long in our stand when Karl spotted a buck sneaking in and out of a tree line along a ditch. I grunted and rattled a couple of times and it all changed! I was watching for the “elusive” deer when Karl caught a deer moving behind us. When I finally got turned around I couldn’t believe it, it was superman! This is a 4.5 yr old buck that we have on camera. He got his name because of a “S” shaped G1 on his left side. Karl was able to get plenty of footage of this deer before I drew my X-Force. Superman was at 32 yards when my Rage delivered a deadly dose of “kryptonite.” He ran about 60 yards and stopped. He stood for about 5 minutes and then walked out of sight.

I was worried that my shot was a little back so we snuck out and gave him time. We came back Sunday morning, Nov 2nd and walked straight to him. He expired no more than 100 yards from where I shot him. What a buck! What a hunt! Hunts like this make it worth it all, and with it being my first buck on FILM…..I couldn’t ask for anything more!

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of the year!