November 1: Jared Lurk

On October 5th, I missed a mid 150 class 4yr old 10 point with filming partner Chad Flynn. It was the first buck I have missed on video. Not how I wanted to start of my 2008 season! About that time, PSE released the new Bow Madness bow and I decided to give it a try. I started shooting and getting tuned up, and boy was I impressed!

Flip the calendar to November 1st. The first North East wind of the year blows in. There was only one stand to go on my place – a tree my brother Justin nicknamed Kryptonite. In 2006 I called in a gross Boone to the base of the tree and could not take a shot. In 2007 I called in another gross Boone with the same results. This tree was definitely my kryptonite, but who knows, maybe the third time’s the charm.

So I find myself on November 1, 2008 sitting in Kryptonite. No sooner do I finish a grunt-growl-heat bleat calling sequence and I hear a deer coming my way. What do I see but a nice mature 8pt weaving through the timber headed straight for me. Being the third year in a row, I knew I had to make it happen. After two years of not closing the deal, I shot this buck at three steps and he only went 30 yards before falling over on camera! A mature 140 class 8pt that field dressed at 208 pounds.

The only thing I regret about the hunt is not getting a picture of myself and camera man Chad Flynn sitting behind this Iowa giant. We were so excited to get on to the next hunt that it slipped our minds. Now I am going to focus the rest of the season on filming Chad or my brother Justin killing whitetails in Missouri. Wish us luck! -Jared