November 1: Steve "Coon Dog" Coon

Pics Coming Soon!

November 2. What a hot day in the timber. But the weather was not the only hot thing on this day. A hot doe at day break brought in two bucks. As time went on the two young bucks decided they would look elsewhere, and once they left she decided to take a rest. Wouldn’t you know it, she decided to bed down 30 yards from the tree.

As Joe and Dog sat motionless the doe decided to stand up from her bed. And the reason why she stood up - a two year old buck came in to nudge her. As Joe was getting great footage of the two, Dog looked down the creek and out came a set of horns. Once Dog told Joe a shooter was on the way Joe started laying down some awesome pre-roll. The mature whitetail buck bumped the smaller buck from the doe, came in and Dog was able to place a great shot on a beautiful 140” 10 pointer.

The Rage did its job and the celebration began!