November 6: Candice Woods

Candice Woods Nov 7th & Tim Woods Nov 6th

Two buck in two days….Now that Ben lives two hours away I usually have to hunt the mornings by myself before heading to work. In the evenings I have friends helping out with filming, but at dawn I’m on my own.

My morning sit started out relatively uneventfully. It was strangely reminiscent of this entire season. The mature bucks just haven’t been visible. The young bucks and some does have been our only sighting. So this morning being no different than the days before I considered getting down heading to work, but it is November so I rattled the lucky horns one last time at about 9:00. It couldn’t have been 10 minutes and I heard what sounded like a bulldozer coming through the woods. To my surprise it was a dozer but with a big rack on the grill. I got the camera on him, trying to do my best I grunt to stop him and like normal he took two more steps before he stopped. So there I am at full draw on this giant and got him in the screen but can’t shot. The buck takes one more step and I grunt again this time he is in the open. If you can imagine I am still at full draw and the carbon force is in flight but the buck is just out of frame. I didn’t know this at the time, but after reviewing the footage I was disgusted to say the least.

I wasn’t going to let the fact that I didn’t get the buck on film ruin my day so I called my wife. She hurried over to the farm with the kids who were extremely excited to see daddy’s buck. I told them they’d have to find it. Jenna and Jaxon tracked and picked up the crimson stained leaves like they were eggs on an Easter hunt. I apologize to everyone that the buck is not in the screen. I had good footage leading up and recovering but no impact. The buck turned out to be 156" and field dressed 225 lbs.

Now I was determined to film a great hunt for Candice.
Two days later the kids spent the night with Grandma and we were able to hunt the morning. We got up early and hung both stands in the dark. A cold front is on its way and the action started of with five minutes of getting in the tree. Candice passed on a couple of little bucks. Then I grunted in a decent eight point. Her time in the timber is limited and she couldn’t pass it. Her new PSE X-force did the job on her very first buck.

This was the first time I was able to involve my whole family like this, what an incredibly rewarding experience.