October 31: Chris Ogle

As told by Sergeant Major Glen Simpson

SITUATION: West Central Illinois, 50 degrees, southwest winds 5-10 m.p.h

MISSION: Deploy to West Central Illinois and harvest a mature whitetail, without being detected and without mission failure!

Chris and I had made several trips to my lease in west central Illinois in order to prep the battlefield for the November rut. Spending time putting out Reconyx cameras and adjusting stand locations was the top priority. Each time we left we felt good about our chances upon our return in November.

We left our homes in Kentucky on Halloween at different times as I had unfinished business at work. Talking to each other occasionally as we each crossed over state lines about the upcoming hunt helped pass the time. Chris being a few hours ahead allowed him to check trail camera footage and rut activity before linking up with him later in the day.
Pulling into our camp headquarters we reviewed our inventory of bucks captured on camera and found that we had a quality 140 class buck that frequented my stand location in what I’ve come to label “The Big Buck Bottom (BBB).”

Just coming off a great hunt in mid-October where I harvest a nice 160” deer, I decided that I would let Chris get the first chance at hunting. So the plan was made to head to my favorite stand in the “BBB” and try a little decoying with a full body mounted 2 ½ year buck. The wind was right, the time was right but were the bucks going to do right?

Getting up a little early as we had a bit of a walk with this mounted buck and had to strap in the camera arm but we arose with great anticipation for the morning hunt. After parking the truck and getting suited up we headed down into the valley well before light. We crossed the creek into the “BBB” and strategically emplaced the decoy making sure to spray it down before climbing into our lofty ambush.

The morning sounds of animals waking up brought back memories of mine and Ken’s time last year in the same bottom. Hen’s were yelping and song birds were chirping that made one almost think that it was spring. After getting plenty of camera light to film we did a quick pre-hunt interview to lay out the days strategy and conditions. I had just completed filming the surroundings and birds as they woke for their day’s events when I looked across the dried branch off the main creek and at 50 yards and closing was the 140” buck we captured on the Reconyx camera. The buck dropped into the creek bed and I took the opportunity to swing the camera arm to the other side of the tree for the pending over the shoulder shot. Chris anticipated the bucks move and drew his PSE X-Force as the bucks’ sixth sense kicked in and he stopped on a dime with his vitals behind a small tree as he glared toward our lofty perch. The Mossy Oak Treestand camo did its job as the mature buck changed course slightly to our right that made me shift again to the other side of the tree. As the buck tried to down wind the decoy, Chris stopped the buck quartering away in the open as the green light was given for launch and at 20 yards the rage tipped PSE carbon shaft struck the buck behind the last rib. The buck took the arrow with full force and dropping on camera within 50 yards.

Until next time…Waiting for follow-on orders and helicopter extraction.

P.S. As always, let’s keep all our service men, women and their families in our thoughts and prayers and especially for our Drury Outdoors Team member and my best friend, Command Sergeant Major Ken Barteau.