After getting the new 2009 PSE Dream Season bow sighted in I could not wait to get a shot with it!   Even though we had unseasonably warm temperatures this year, which held true in November as well, I still could not let this stand in the way of my IL trip that was already planned.

When we got to southern IL they had 75-degree temps and that was keeping deer movement to a minimum.   We were seeing a few does and small bucks but no big ones.  I had 5 days to get it done because I had to be back home in KY Friday the day before gun season since I always go with my wife Melissa.

Lance Chapman and myself leased a new piece of property and I had not yet stepped foot on it so I decided to scout it out mid day and found some good sign.  We hung a set and hunted it the next morning and seen several deer but no shooters.

On November 6th they were calling for rain to move in by 11:00 am and the afternoon was going to be a complete wash out, so that left me with maybe two morning hunts left on our trip.

We had seen several deer the morning of the 6th and the clouds were moving in quick and the winds were 15 to 20 mph.  I looked up the ridge and there is a buck milling around under a big white oak tree. I told the camera man if he gets in range I may have to shoot him. He finally came to the white oak tree to eat some acorns 30 yards if front of us, so I finally got to let the new Dream Season bow eat and the Rage blew right through him and he piled up about 40 or 50 yard from us!  He ended up being a 125” 10 pointer and made for a great buck at the end of a good hunting trip!