My dad, at age 76, continues to prove year after year that his passion for hunting whitetails will not be denied and that he only gets better with age. On November 8th, almost 3 years to the date that dad passed this deer as a beautiful 3 year old nine point, he was rewarded as the 6 1/2 year old bruiser made the mistake of testing dads skills.

A month earlier we were all excited as our Reconyx trail cameras revealed that the buck we had come to know as Spaded G-1 was still on the farm. And he had turned into a true giant. On November 7th, my partner Keith and I had an encounter with the buck right at dark. The morning of November 8th a cold front moved in and Northwest winds with it. Keith and I headed for a bedding area thicket hoping to see the buck while dad, having waited for this wind the previous four days, headed of to his favorite honey hole on the other side of the farm.

Fate cannot be denied, and just after daylight dad saw a buck making his way through the food plot. The closer it got the bigger it got, but not expecting to see that deer he did not recognize him. The deer passed within 25 yards and a perfectly placed shot from dads crossbow had the buck on the ground within 60 yards. I knew when the phone rang that early and it was dad something was very wrong or very right.

The great thing about it is that with his age and all his years of hunting, dads voice still cracked with excitement as he told me he was standing over Spaded G-1. We tried to stay in the tree but there was no way, soon the celebration began. Dad told me that even with his excitement, when he saw who it was he had regret, in that he had hoped I would get that deer. That's how he is.

Dad, congratulations on you biggest deer ever! Could not have happened to a better guy. You are an inspiration to me and I just hope everyone enjoys this hunt half as much as I treasure our time together chasing our shared passion.

-Rod Wilson