November 11: John O'Dell

Well after a day of work it was time for Dave and I to hit the woods again. With the threat of rain we knew we had a limited window to hunt in morning. I was down to my last day of hunting so it was now or never for me to harvest a deer with my bow.

The morning started out slow. Finally around 9:00AM I thought I caught a glimpse of antler so I immediately hit the grunt call. Sure enough a good looking 10 pointer with a broken G3 emerged from the ravine below our stand. He started to skirt my tree so I grabbed the horns and after one series he was headed to our down wind side. Luckily Scent Blocker saved the day once again.

When the buck entered my shooting lane I stopped him at 45 yds and let the arrow fly from my PSE XForce Dream Season bow. Luckily for me the arrow found its mark. After my best year of encounters I finally was able to get a shot.

Now Dave and I are eagerly anticipating the gun season and hopefully we will have an opportunity to get even with some of the big bucks that we have seen already this year once we have the Thompson Center in hand!