J.J. Kolesar

Hunting Partner: Kyle Lamore

Hometown: Staunton, IL

Spouse: Courtney Kolesar

Children: Carly and Carter

Education: BS in Education

Occupation: Middle school teacher

Interests: Hunting, golf, coaching football and sports

Animal Specialties: Whitetail deer, turkey and bear

Most of the time I am at school trying to mold the youth of America. I am fortunate enough to teach in a small town where the people and students are remarkable and supportive. Many evenings I am working with our local High School Football Team, which I enjoy tremendously. (Go Dogs!) If not at school or football, I am probably bumming around the countryside trying to get an edge on an elusive whitetail. My Teammate, Kyle Lamore, and I were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to film for Dream Season TV 3. This opportunity fulfilled a long time dream and has been as rewarding as it has fun. I am very lucky in the sense that I have a lovely and understanding wife that allows me to pursue these hobbies. Thanks for taking an interest in Drury Outdoors and Good Luck this season!

March 2017

Location: Nebraska
Weapon: PSE RDX crossbow
Animal: Turkeys

January 2017

Location: Illinois
Weapon: .223 Rifle
Animal: Coyote

November 2015

Location: Illinois (Illinois Xtreme Whitetails)
Weapon: Winchester 12 Gauge SX-3 Shotgun
Animal: 135 7/8" 12 Point Whitetail

November 2014

Location: IL- Illinois Xtreme Whitetails
Weapon: Winchester SP3
Animal: 121 4/8" Whitetail

May 2014

Location: Illinois
Weapon: Shotgun
Animal: Turkey

April 2013

Location: Illinois
Weapon: Shotgun
Animal: Turkey

October 2012

Location: Wyoming
Weapon: Thompson Center Rifle
Animal: 151 3/8" Mule Deer
Video: Natural Born Killers TV

November 2009

Location: Illinois
Weapon: PSE Bow Madness
Animal: 135" Whitetail

January 2009

Location: Louisiana
Weapon: PSE Dream Season X-Force
Animal: 8 Point Program Whitetail
Video: Dream Season TV 6: Redemption

October 2007

Location: Illinois
Weapon: PSE X-Force Bow
Animal: 160" 11 Point Whitetail
Video: Dream Season 11