Making our way through the fog to settle into "The Hot Box" blind I had a feeling today is going to be the day that my goal would be achieved. The goal of shooting a turkey with my 5 yr. old Leyton along.

After getting the Avian-X decoys setup and setting in the blind Leyton and I had a few cookies before the sun started to rise. Prior to the turkeys waking up we got to experience a couple big bucks emerging out of the growing fog and into our setup.

Once the turkeys woke up it didn't take them long to hit the ground. Seeing multiple hens and a few long beards through the Leupolds coming our way my heart started to race. As soon as the long beards got eyes on the full strut Avian-X jake the action started fast and ended with a blast.

The two Toms came running into our decoys and Leyton said, "I think the two Toms were talking about beating up our decoy and you shot him in the eye."

Yes I did and achieved my goal.