After watching friends and family head out to hunt turkeys while staying in with my daughter. I was finally able to hunt.

Mornings hadn't been producing much turkey activity on our farm, so I opted to sleep in and head out for a late morning hunt. I fed the baby and when I thought I could leave her with Beau happy, I grabbed my camera, equipment, and snuck away without her noticing.

I had perfect conditions. Sunshine, a light breeze, and a couple hours kid-free! I had been hunting for about an hour, striking my call every so often hoping to hear one gobble back. Getting a little anxious and thinking about moving to a new location I spotted movement in my peripheral vision. As I focused in to see what it was, I was shocked that it was a small group of gobblers. I saw the Jake first and was a little discouraged. Then I saw 2 more heads pop up and they were long beards! I struck my call again to gain their attention and it worked. Side by side they worked their way in to check out the Avian X decoys in front of me. I thought I was going to miss my opportunity. They were so close together that I tried waiting for them to separate. I didn't want to risk shooting two. While running the camera and positioning myself to shoot, they started to walk away. The jake spooked one tom and gave me the opening I was waiting for. BOOM!!

My plan of heading out for a late morning hunt surely paid off big as I recorded my first self-filmed turkey hunt!

Now that's what I call "Me Time"!