Quarantined for 30+ days, it was time for my family to get out and experience the great outdoors! I couldn't wait to bring the family up to "Papa Terry's Farm" and get them out of the suburbs of St. Louis for a few days. It didn't disappoint either. The kids got to experience country living, momma got to shoot the gun a few times (plus relax) and dad got to kill a turkey! Pretty solid couple of days.

I was even more excited by the fact that dad and I were gonna take my son Cameron (age 5) out for his first ever morning turkey hunt! He's gone with me before but never got to experience getting up early and hearing the turkeys gobble on the roost! Opening morning of the 2020 Missouri turkey season did not disappoint. The turkeys were on fire all across the farm.  It was the single best morning we have ever had there as far as gobbling goes. 

Right out of the gate we heard a couple of longbeards that we felt might work our way. They gobbled all morning long but they just never would commit and come our way.  Finally around 7:30 the hens they were with walked down the field edge and towards the box blind we were sitting in.   The two longbeards held up at about 100 yards and gobbled their brains out.  After about 15-20 minutes (which felt like an hour) they broke loose and started to walk the grass road past our blind. Unfortunately they were hugging the tree line and above us so much that they couldn't see the Avian-X decoys below us due to the lay of the land. They started to get squirrelly and turned around to get out of there.  I decided to take the shot and dropped the turkey in his tracks. Come to find out we stepped it off at 57 yards! I was shooting the Winchester SX3 20 gauge with the Winchester Longbeard XR 3" #5's with the Indian Creek choke tube. Amazing what a tight shooting pattern and good load can do.   He walked right into the crosshairs of my Leupold scope!

I think Cam was a little surprised by the shot and it took him a minute to warm back up to the idea we just succeeded in opening morning.   One day he will look back on this video and hunt and realize just how special it really was!  3 generation of Drury boys and one hot gobbling morning!  The cherry on top was that this bird was an absolute MAN!  27.2 pounds, 12" beard and 1 1/4" spurs!  We even got to fry him up and have him for dinner later that afternoon.  Not a bad way to end a perfect trip!

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy but most importantly keeping their sanity.  If you aren't, you might want to see about taking your family outdoors.   It does the soul good!