What an amazing hunt this morning, we had eight different camera angles from two different blinds!

23 degrees this morning, clear as a bell and the turkeys were not saying much on the limb. We decided to wait for them to fly down and get a little sun on their backs.

As soon as the sun started to beam through the trees in the east, Mark let out a few yelps to try and fire them up! Both gobblers HAMMERED off at the first note of Mark's yelp!

Not 5-10 minutes later they showed up at the edge of the frosty clover field gobbling on arrival. From there forward I took over soft yelping to draw them around the corner of the clover plot so that they could get a visual on the HDR Avian-X decoys.

As soon as they spotted the decoys the race was one! The rest was history as they say! 🦃👍🏽

Happy hunting everyone that is out in the turkey woods this spring!!