January 19: Quincy Steward


On the last day of the season, Quincy asked her dad, Bric Steward, if she could hunt one more time.

Bric didn’t hesitate with an emphatic “Yes!” While Quincy, at six years old, had dad’s approval to shoot anything she wanted, she said she wanted a mature buck or a doe for meat. 

She showed poise as she passed up a few young bucks early. As the sun began to set, a big doe entered the field. The doe made her way towards the blind slowly. 

Meanwhile, Bric was watching the light fade knowing that legal shooting time was ending soon. With just a few minutes of shooting light left, the doe grazed into range.

When the doe stopped broadside at 30 yards, Bric gave her the green light. Quincy took aim and in the last minutes of the season, she let her arrow fly. “I never touched the field pod allowing her to do it all herself,” Bric said as the arrow hit its mark dropping the 150-pound doe in her tracks. 

And once again, Quincy jumped in eagerly in the processing of her deer in order to share it with friends and family. 

- Dr. Brooks Tiller