Being out of school on Veterans Day, Kyle Lamore and JJ Kolesar hung a new set in a draw. 

Hitting some rattling antlers, a big heavy ten point came in, stopping at 35 yards with no open shot as the wind swirled. 

2019 provided plenty of pictures of “B.T.”, as he had been named, for being a big ten-point. But it seemed that he was always a step ahead of the duo. The cameras would catch B.T. on the days when Kyle and JJ did not hunt.

As the weather turned colder, and muzzleloader season impending, B.T. became a regular in the three acres of standing beans, but he always seemed to give Kyle and JJ the slip. He would be on trail cameras on days they did not hunt, but the big ten stayed in the shadows on hunting days.

With the end of the season coming quickly, they stayed with it. For the eleventh time this year, they set up in a homemade blind built on a trailer Kyle named “Shanty-licious”. On the next-to-last day of the season, the wind out of the west gave them their best chance yet. 

About 4:30 p.m a nice buck stepped into the field. Kyle’s finger began to twitch as a real nice young buck they named ‘Splits’ made his way within 50 yards of the blind. 

Knowing that pictures showed B.T. and Splits often together, Kyle practiced patience saying, “Splits is by far the best deer I’ve ever passed.”

As another deer entered the field, they got ready, but soon noticed that it was a small buck. Then B.T. stepped out on the north side of the beans.

He casually fed while easing towards a doe and the blind. He gradually moved closer, stopping at 50 yards. Kyle began to take aim when the buck lowered his head and began browsing even closer. At a little after 5:00 B.T. stopped, slightly quartering toward the blind at 35 yards. 

Kyle took aim and released a bolt.

The buck ran out of the field, so Kyle and JJ eased out for a few hours. Once back on his track, Kyle was able to place his hands on the 166 2/8-inch, 10 point buck just steps off the edge of the field.

-Dr. Brooks Tiller