January 4: Kasey Morgan


Kasey Morgan ended his 2019 deer season on a high note.

It had been a tough Iowa season, with no relief, as temperatures stayed warm for the gun season. But Kasey stuck with it, and was rewarded.

Morgan’s hunting property got some snow the night before the hunt. The pressure was over 30.00 mm/Hg for the first time in a long, long time. That meant the deer were finally up and feeding. With his girlfriend behind the camera, they hunted for several days, but never saw a shooter buck. 

Morgan and his girlfriend went to a Muddy blind overlooking standing corn. Deer started filtering out nicely. He saw a nice buck coming out of the woods into the corn. It was a buck Morgan had on camera a lot, but he never saw the buck on the hoof until that day.

The buck came out into the standing corn and fed. They lost sight of him due to the tall stalks, but eventually the buck worked into the harvested portion of the field. Morgan ranged him at 50-yards and took aim. After the shot, the buck ran 75-yards and piled up. It was a good thing, because Morgan would be hunting solo, as his girlfriend had to return home to prepare for the semester of teaching the next day. What an ending to an incredible season!

Ryan Miloshewski, DeerCast Senior Writer